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comic 536 - The Look that Broke a Thousand Arms
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"The Cool Thing Factor"

Tuesday - March 30, 2004

[piro] - posted: 12:45 am

Two things before I get started here... first off, I'm holding in my hands the Dark Horse re-issue of Megatokyo Volume 1. Damn, this thing is so much nicer than the original version. The books have shipped and just have to work their way through the distribution chains to your favorite bookstores and comic specialty shops. So, all you people bidding on those last copies of Volume 1 on Ebay, you can stop now -- the re-issue is a lot nicer and only $9.95. Sheesh.

The second thing is just a small reminder that if you live in the Boston area, don't forget that I'll be giving a lecture at MIT this Thursday evening (april 1st) at 7pm.

Every once and a while I get an email or a random forum question that asks one of the "40 questions I get asked so much that the next person to ask gets beat to death with the Fan Appreciation Bat™." I've discovered that the more I stay up to date with the comic, the less of these I get, so there is a definite incentive for me to keep solidly to the 3 comic per week schedule. One of those questions is always "What happened to Largo's Cool Thing™" or "What exactly is Largo's Cool Thing™?"

The answer is, I don't think anyone really knows. The theory is that it is a extradimentional device that... well, I'll let you find out for yourself later in the story. Metaphorically, it's much easier to describe the idea behind the Cool Thing than what it might actually be.

Haven't you ever wanted something that was just... cool? Haven't you ever wanted some device or toy or thing that you have absolutely no real need for but the desire for it burns your soul until you can't take it anymore? You find yourself running out in the rain without a coat to get in your car just minutes before the store closes to buy one with the last bit of space on your credit card...

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever dealt with this moment of consumer driven insanity. The economies of industrialized countries depend heavily on this "Cool Thing Factor" to feed the bottom line. If consumers only purchased the things that we needed, I think the US economy would collapse, and all those credit card companies would go out of business. Think of all that money in excessive and draconian interest rates that these companies wouldn't be getting every month from us. How tragic. Imagine getting out of college with no credit card debt. How un-American.

But I digress. That's a whole 'nother rant.


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"vote early, vote often!"

Saturday - February 15, 2004

[seraphim] - posted: 02:45 am

Seraphim Survey! Since this is a Presidential election year here in the States I want to know who you would elect President. If Largo wins - I'm leaving the country! (be sure to hit 'submit' when you are finished to record your votes!) [survey all fixed. Sorry about that - piro]

Election years are so over done in the media with the analysis, predictions and polls. The reporters and the experts go off like they are picking a dog race trifecta not reporting caucus results. I have to say that the best commentary I've heard so far about the election process was Matt's rant at MacHall. I don't care which talking head reads the teleprompter but Matt should be writing the news. I am very curious that I have never once been polled by Gallop, Nielsen or any other pollster and I don't know of anyone who has ever been polled. My question is who are these people that they are polling? Where are they exactly? Do you know of anyone personally? I barely know anyone who even agrees with the results of the polls which are bandied about so frequently.

I don't believe half of it and I don't vote according to polls anyway. But I do vote. It is appalling that in the 2000 election only 51% of the voting age population turned out to vote. I think it is a disgrace and there is no excuse. You can register by mail in most states using the National Voter Registration Form if you didn't already do it while getting your license - unless you are in North Dakota which doesn't have voter registration. What is really ironic is that if someone told an apathetic voter that they weren't allowed to vote - they would go ballistic. So get registered this year, vote, and wear the cheap 'I voted!' sticker. This isn't the last you'll hear about this subject either.


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